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The tilt of your saddle is very often misadjusted. Mountain and road bikers alike should read these tips to make sure they are getting the most efficient, most comfortable ride from their seat...

Start out with the saddle parallel to the ground. Mine was set with a carpentry level, which is what you should use, and I find it great. Before it was levelled, on the other hand, I kept slipping around uncomfortably.

Sometimes cyclists tilt their saddles very slightly upwards, which helps the rider to put more of his weight on the saddle and less on the arms. Women riders will generally want as little weight as possible on the saddle, and many men find the upward tilt uncomfortable.

Of more frequent concern are downward-tilted saddles. These cause the rider to constantly slide forward, or brace themselves with their arms as long as they're in the saddle. Forward-tilted saddles do not add to comfort, so set it to dead level.
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