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10) You wish your bike had power steering.
9) Your tongue feels like a Mr. Tuffy liner.
8) You've lost all feeling above your toes.
7) Forget clicking out of your pedals, you can't even click in!
6) If it weren't for downhill gravity, you'd be lunchmeat for mountain lions.
5) Your trip computer's average speed = -7.
4) You no longer hold your wheezing while passing elderly lady bikers.
3) You no longer hold your wheezing while elderly lady bikers pass you!
2) You start thinking, "Yeah, I could sleep right there. Right under that shrubbery. Yeah."

And the number one Way to Tell That You're Running Out of Steam is...

1) Instead of shouting, "Passing on the left!" you're shouting, "Cardiac on the right!!"
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