BicycleSource Newsletter

10) You've pierced your nipples with a set of 46 tooth chainrings.
9) You've got bar ends on your bar ends.
8) You fitted your rig with the Donna Karan detachable panniers and garment bag ensemble.
7) You're wearing a Gore-Tex Stay Fresh Chamois Liner.
6) You shelled out $89 bucks for the Titanium Flickstand (Tm).
5) You've got the Ken & Barbie chrome plated, handlebar mounted, rear-view mirrors. (Both left and right.)
4) ... the cell phone holster, with hands-free remote microphone.
3) ... the elbow-length black velvet gloves for formal night rides.
2) ... the spring-activated coin caddy on your top tube.

And the number one Sign that You're Over Accessorized is...

1) You've got a helmet sock (any variety.)
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