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When racing, it is helpful to make a strategy according to the length and style of the race (short sprinty, downhill, enduro). Strategies should be simple, and custom made for each race. Take into account: the terrain, weather, distance, your fitness, and your competitors. Your plan should be made early race day and at the site of the race. Having a bicycle computer is handy for making your plan more exact, but don't become predisposed with your speedo or you will hit a tree for sure. An example of a strategy I have used is :

"The ground is muddy and the track is hilly and long, so I should sprint at the beginning and get far ahead so I get a good spot in the single track and can relax for a bit."

In making YOUR plan sit by yourself for a few minutes (perhaps while stretching) feel the ground and look at the other riders around you.

Racing is fun, but it sure does contribute to the day if you are prepared: See Norba's tips on racing.
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Posted By: on August 6th, 2008
hello there,im an avid mtb user for the past 19 years,i like to congratulate you for having a site like this,cheers!