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Take this Quick Quiz to determine if you're a true Down & Dirty Gear Head or just another Glistening PrettyBoy Poser! [Five questions, multiple choice.]

#1) Judy Butter is...

A. suspension fork lube.
B. high country-specific tanning cream.
C. yet another line of pre-digested energy gels!

#2) If you just got "big air," you just...

A. spanked a bombin cross-up off a vert launch.
B. crossed paths with a Scotsman who remarked on your doo.
C. had an impromptu butt explosion thanks to your mid-day drive-thru feast!

#3 If you just "suffered a mechanical," you just...

A. broke your bicycle.
B. broke your mechanic's bicycle.
C. broke down an cried when you saw your mechanic's bill!

#4) "Ti" is...

A. a strong, light and expensive mountain bike material.
B. a strong, light and expensive herbal hallucinogenic.
C. soon to be the most popular illegitimate baby name amongst NORBA members!

#5) "V-Brakes" are...

A. the newest high-leverage brakes available for your rig.
B. an upgrade that seems quite affordable when you start, but ends up costing five times more.
C. when your "Y-Bike" breaks in two, leaving you with a "V-Bike!"

Quiz Answers:

If you answered "A" to all of the above, congratulations Gear Head! You must be doing something right with your life.
If you answered "B" to any of the above, well at least you're showing some brain activity.
If you answered "C" to any of the above, we're sorry. Go play with your rubber ball now.
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