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10) I don't mind living on Macaroni and Cheese for the next two years.
9) That Pell grant for college doesn't have to be repaid.
8) It came with free valve stem dust caps.
7) This one was half the price of my last bike!
6) It was the only one that matched the color of my helmet.
5) It was marked down from $4,029.00.
4) I wanted people to know that I'm single.
3) The salesman assured me I could ride twice as fast as people on $2,000.00 bikes.
2) If I throw it on my roof rack, it increases my car's blue book value to $4,500.00!

And the Number One Justification for Buying That $4,000.00 Mountain Bike is...

1) They were fresh out of $5,000.00 bikes!
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