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Keep in mind that mixing products may cause stomach upset. When you're already working out hard you put a lot of demands on your digestive system. However, these foods will tend to sit better with your stomach than the solid alternatives, which is important for hot or particularly hard rides when digestion becomes a problem.

For hot weather, we recommend freezing the packets before you ride. Ninety minutes later they will be just right to consume.

If you use a powdered mix, pre-measure the powder in a number of bottle-sized portions and store them in little baggies to refill your bottle on the road.

In picking an energy drink, look for those with between 10 and 20 grams of carbohydrates, as more than that gives your intestines difficulties in absorbing fluids. Also, look for drinks with roughly equal levels of sodium and potassium, about 50 mg per 8 oz serving being preferred.

Sports drinks and especially liquid foods like Gu tend to have enough water to metabolise the carbohydrates, but no more. Chase the energy drinks and especially solid foods with plenty of water. Try diluting the drinks with water, ones that you find to be too sweet in particular!
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