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10. Finding a blender that size would be almost impossible.

9. Whaddya mean, megabyte? I can't even chew this disgusting PowerBar as it is.

8. The Information Superhighway sounds like an accident waiting to happen.

7. Computer programming? No problem. What's your wheel size?

6. Who needs more RAM? Once a year is more than enough.

5. I don't know what's worse, staring at a screen all day or at my front tire.

4. Hard drive? Shoot, wait'll the race.

3. Carpal Tunnel makes me claustrophobic.

2. I don't want a better monitor. I'm barely passing my urinalysis as it is.

And the number one reason a Cyclist Would Give for Why Computers and Bicycles Don't Mix:

1. If I have to restart every time I crash, I quit.
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