BicycleSource Newsletter

  1. You got a pinchflat in your shorts.
  2. Your clavicle now works like a quick-release.
  3. You must ask your riding buddy to pre-chew your Powerbar.
  4. You're retracing your path down the mountain to reclaim enough material for a skin graft.
  5. You wake up not knowing your name, but you do know what a Blue Spruce tastes like.
  6. You discover your knee pads were torn off, then you realize you weren't wearing knee pads.
  7. You can't find your mini-pump, but your chamois now whistles when you walk.
  8. You've accidentally reset your trip computer with your teeth.
  9. You start thinking; "A cellular phone is actually a handy accessory for a mountain bike."

    And the number one reason You Know That Last Crash Was Painful is...

  10. You say, "Forget those $90.00 rims. I've just tacoed my Oakleys!!"
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