BicycleSource Newsletter

  1. All you carry in your saddle bag is a bottle of hair spray and a pack'a smokes.
  2. You're certain that your clamp-on Radio Shack mini stereo will attract the "chicks."
  3. You went for the buzz-cut and sideburns to be unique and radical, now your kids can't find you at a NORBA event.
  4. For you, a sense of accomplishment from a long climb means a clean dismount on the approach.
  5. No ride this weekend... forgot to pick up your jersey from the dry cleaners again.
  6. There's more electronics on your handlebar than the dash of your car.
  7. Your factory reflectors broke off, and you replaced them.
  8. You have Oil of Olay knees.
  9. Two words: Gucci eyewear.

    And the number ten Clue that You're a Poser is...

  10. One word: kickstand.
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